True Grit

True Grit

1h 50min  |  Western, Drama  |  Release Date: 18.02.2011

True Grit is a mythic Western adventure story of vengeance and valor from Academy Award® winning filmmakers Joel and Ethan Coen, whose stirring adaptation hones in on the plain-spoken humor, bold storytelling and rough beauty of Charles Portis’ classic American novel.

The time is the 1870s, the setting frontier America just after the Civil War, and the taleteller is Mattie Ross (STEINFELD), who at 14 years-old journeys to Fort Smith, Arkansas determined to extract justice for the death of her father, shot in cold blood.

Beholden to follow Chaney and see him hanged, Mattie enlists the help of a man rumored to be the most ruthless U.S. Marshal in town -- trigger-happy, drunken Rooster Cogburn (BRIDGES), who, after many objections, agrees to hunt Chaney. But Chaney is already the target of the talkative Texas Ranger LaBoeuf (DAMON), who also aims to catch the killer and bring him back to Texas for an ample reward – which brings the trio to collide on the trail. Each willful and stubborn, each driven by their own rough moral codes, this unlikely posse rides towards an unpredictable reckoning, as they find themselves enveloped in the stuff of legend: mischief and brutality, courage and disillusion, doggedness and unalloyed love.

Starring: Jeff Bridges, Matt Damon, Josh Brolin, Hailee Steinfeld

Directed by: Joel&Ethan Cohen

Written by: Joel&Ethan Cohen

Movie in English with subtitles in Latvian and Russian.

Distributor: Forum Cinemas, SIA
Director: Ethan Coen, Joel Coen
Cast: Jeff Bridges, Matt Damon, Hailee Steinfeld, Josh Brolin


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