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In-House Rules and Regulation of the cinema Forum Cinemas.

These Rules set out the internal procedures for visitors of Forum Cinemas Latvia OU, Latvian Branch cinema Forum Cinemas (hereinafter -- ‘Cinema’) and when attending cinema events, including film shows, the cinema visitor (hereinafter – ‘client’) undertakes to comply with these rules.

In the cinema:

  • the customer must have a valid cinema ticket for one of the upcoming screenings

In the cinema it is prohibited to:

  • shoot, photograph and / or make audio recordings on the cinema premises, in particular to record (copy) the film shown in the screening in any way, without prior agreement with the cinema administration. Where the cinema representatives have established or have reasonable grounds to believe that the client has made or attempted to make a full or partial recording of the screened film during the screening, the cinema is entitled to detain the client until the police. Also, in case of non-compliance with the prohibition, the cinema is entitled to impose a contractual penalty of € 1,000 on the client;
  • bring food and drinks purchased outside the cinema;
  • bring cold weapons and firearms;
  • smoke;
  • bring or drive by mechanical or electronic means;
  • entrance with animals;
  • disturb other visitors - disregard public order;
  • break or otherwise damage the cinema’s property;
  • be intoxicated with narcotic drugs or other psychotropic substances.

Obligations of a client:

  • when buying a cinema ticket to follow the cinema internal rules;
  • keep the movie ticket until the end of the show;
  • when receiving 3D specs, to check their technical condition and, if defects are found, immediately inform the cinema staff. If defects are reported after entering the cinema, the cinema will consider them to have been caused by the client himself;
  • in case of damage to 3D specs immediately contact the cinema staff and exchange them;
  • comply with the Cabinet Regulations No.360.

In the auditorium:

  • the customer must have a valid cinema ticket for the respective screening;
  • it is forbidden to disturb other customers and ruin the cinema experience for them;
  • it is forbidden to use the mobile phone;
  • it is forbidden to put your feet on the seats;
  • it is forbidden to take along large gym bags and other large objects that can restrict other people’s movements between rows, thus causing hazardous situations during possible evacuation;
  • upon leaving the auditorium 3D glasses are to be left with the staff or at the place designated for the glasses;
  • after the end of the screening the customer must leave the auditorium through the exit and follow the signs down the staircase and out of the building.

The cinema recommends:

  • do not take infants to the screening since the loud noise can make them cry;
  • to turn to the staff and inform them about persons who violate the in-house regulations;
  • to receive information about the in-house rules and regulation of the cinema by sending an SMS to the number 1189. SMS text: FCINFO;
  • to inform the cinema staff about misconduct in auditoriums by sending a SMS to 1189. The text of the SMS: FC [space] number of auditorium [space] short description of misconduct. (Example: FC 8 noise);
  • people suffering from epilepsy and/or migraine are recommended to consult the doctor before attending 3D shows;
  • Information about the items left and found at the film theatre is available at the box office.

The Cinema has the right to:

  • ask for an identity document for age-restricted films, as well as when using a child, senior or family ticket;
  • ask for a pupil/student ID card, if the movie ticket is bought with a pupil/student discount;
  • not to sell tickets or to allow persons under the age of the film to enter the cinema, even if the person is accompanied by an adult;
  • admit children under the age of 3 to the cinema free of charge for family films and films with tickets for Children (rated U, N7 and certain films with age restriction N12), provided that the child has to sit on the lap of a parent or caregiver during the show. This condition does not apply to visitors with a Children ticket;
  • not to sell tickets to persons with obvious signs of intoxication and to persons who do not respect public order;
  • not to sell tickets to under-dressed people (e.g. beachwear) and people with severe personal hygiene problems;
  • inspect suspicious or oversized bags, items, etc., and if the client refuses to check or finds items that are prohibited to bring to the cinema, refuses entry or expels the client from the cinema without refunding the movie ticket;
  • expel from the cinema people who have tried to defraud the company without refunding them a ticket;
  • to expel from the cinema persons who violate the internal rules of the cinema’s clients without refunding them the money for the movie ticket. In the event of a more serious offense, detain the offender until the police arrive;
  • not to sell a ticket to persons who have previously violated the internal rules of the cinema’s clients or have been caught in an attempt to defraud;
  • in case of damage or loss of 3D specs – fine of € 15.00;
  • not replace and return the bought movie ticket (as set out in the Cabinet Regulations No.255).

The cinema is not responsible:

  • for the customers’ personal belongings