Iekšējās kārtības noteikumi

In-House Rules and Regulation of the cinema Kino Citadele

Attention customers: in December of 2017, the age for children allowed to enter the cinema free of charge with parents or guardians will change.

In the cinema:

  • the customer must have a valid cinema ticket for one of the upcoming screenings

The following is forbidden in the cinema complex:

  • entrance with food and drinks purchased outside the cinema complex
  • entrance with any kind of weapons and firearms
  • smoking
  • filming and photographing inside the building without the permission of the management of the cinema;
  • skateboarding, bicycling and rollerblading;
  • entrance with animals;
  • to disturb other spectators and cause public disturbance;
  • to break or damage property;
  • to be under the influence of drugs or other psychotropic substances.

The customer’s obligations:

  • to keep the ticket until the end of the screening
  • upon the receipt of 3D glasses to check their technical condition and immediately inform the staff if any defect has been found. If any damage is found after the customer has entered the auditorium, the glasses will be regarded as damaged by the customer
  • in case of damage of 3D glasses please contact the film theatre staff immediately and exchange the glasses.
  • to comply with Cabinet Regulation No. 360

In the auditorium:

  • the customer must have a valid cinema ticket for the respective screening;
  • it is forbidden to disturb other customers and ruin the cinema experience for them;
  • it is forbidden to use the mobile phone;
  • it is forbidden to put your feet on the seats;
  • it is forbidden to take along large gym bags and other large objects that can restrict other people’s movements between rows, thus causing hazardous situations during possible evacuation;
  • upon leaving the auditorium 3D glasses are to be left with the staff or at the place designated for the glasses;
  • after the end of the screening the customer must leave the auditorium through the exit and follow the signs down the staircase and out of the building.

The cinema recommends:

  • do not take infants to the screening since the loud noise can make them cry;
  • to turn to the staff and inform them about persons who violate the in-house regulations;
  • to inform the cinema staff about misconduct in auditoriums by sending a SMS to 1189. The text of the SMS: FC [space] number of auditorium [space] short description of misconduct. (Example: FC 8 noise);
  • people suffering from epilepsy and/or migraine are recommended to consult the doctor before attending 3D shows;
  • Information about the items left and found at the film theatre is available at the box office.

The cinema has the right:

  • to ask for an ID of a customer if the movie rating has established a certain age limit or to determine whether the customer is eligible for a discount ticket;
  • to refuse to sell cinema tickets to a person whose age is under the limit established by the movie rating, even if the person is accompanied by an adult;
  • to admit children up to the age of 3 (incl.) to family films free of charge only if they sit on the lap of a parent or guardian who has a valid adult ticket during the entire screening;
  • not to sell tickets to persons who are visibly intoxicated  and/or cause public disturbance;
  • not to sell cinema tickets to persons who are not sufficiently dressed or who have serious hygiene problems;
  • to check suspicious bags and other items;
  • to eject those who violate the in-house rules and regulations of the cinema and who have tried to cheat the cinema by not paying for the cinema ticket. In case of a more serious offence, the violator will be handed over to the police;
  • to decline selling tickets to persons who have previously violated the in-house rules and regulations or who have been caught at embezzlement attempts;
  • in case of a damage or loss of 3D glasses the penalty price is 15,00 €.

The cinema is not responsible:

  • for the customers’ personal belongings