PopHouse Café

What makes for a complete cinema visit? Obviously, crunchy popcorn and other refreshments! The PopHouse café is located on the 2nd floor of Forum Cinemas and has something to offer for every taste, ensuring that you won’t be watching the latest movies on an empty stomach. Hot n' Fresh offers nachos, hot snacks, and healthy smoothies for hungry cinema visitors. Choose, enjoy, and indulge in leisurely pre-cinema chats!

Popcorn is a tradition that cinema fans enjoy just as much as the latest movies on the big screen. PopHouse popcorn is made on the spot, and we make sure that it is always crisp and fresh. Don’t be shy -- play with different flavour nuances by adding toppings that’s created specially for Forum Cinemas! Prefer sweet popcorn? No worries, as the PopHouse café also offers delicious, melt-in-your-mouth sweet popcorn. It is made from specially selected grains, so that your popcorn pieces will always be perfectly round, crispy, and caramelised to perfection.

Sweets and cinema make for a truly amazing combo! If you have a sweet tooth for candies and want to enjoy some during the film, have a look at Candy King’s wide range of sweets of various colours, flavours, and shapes, with over 70 types of candies in their assortment. Another melt-in-your-mouth experience is ensured by Ikšķile home ice cream, which can be enjoyed at both the warmest and coldest time of the day. Make your choice and your day!

PopHouse offers a wide range of drinks that both big and small visitors will love. Their wide assortment includes many refreshing drinks, from Pepsi to Bauskas, Lielvārdes, Madonas beer, Lavazza coffee, and wine for true connoisseurs. If you want to try something interesting, try the Slush Ice drinks, available in 12 different flavors and colours. Mix as you wish!

For visitors with lactose-free and gluten-free diet requirements, the café offers soy milk and gluten-free snacks. Now anyone can snack!

Don’t rush your choice and take advantage of the wide range of snacks and drinks to enjoy your movie experience to the fullest!

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