Blue blood

Blue blood

Zilās asinis

1h 32min  |  Drama  |  Release Date: 24.02.2023

Is it possible to live in such a way that everyone is happy with you? Diana, who comes from the highest strata of society, tries to adapt her life so it seems right to others. For her mother, girlfriend, society, husband. Trying to maintain status in society and trying to hide her husband's addiction, Diana's relationship with her daughter becomes traumatic. What is most important, society or a relationship with a daughter? What will Diana choose? Will you realize someone else's idea of your life?

Movie in Latvian with subtitles in English.

Distributor: Baltic Content Media
Director: Una Celma
Cast: Ilze Ķuzule-Skrastiņa, Egons Dombrovskis, Iveta Pole, Andra Katrīna Reine, Toms Veličko


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