Films by students 1

Films by students 1

1h 57min  |  Игровое кино  |  В кино с: 30.09.2007

"Greg and The Dragon", feature

Greg experiences a strange ride on the Dragon in the amusement park.

Directed by: Mārtiņš Grauds

Cast Jēkabs Klotiņš, Baiba Circene

"Strings", documentary

Volli has made more than 16 000 piano strings in his 40 years at the Tallinn Piano Factory.

Directed by: Mārtiņš Grauds

"In Aquarium", feature

A story about the moment in a relationship when one person feels the end is near, shown through three stages in a young man's life - the desire to end it, the wish to go on with life, and the moment for reflecting on one's own weaknesses.

Directed by: Dzintars Dreibergs

Cast Jānis Vimba, Alla Caricina

(English subtitles)

"The Fridge", feature

Mrs. Jansons is an elegant older lady who dreams of a green dress, but has to face the necessity of a new refrigerator. A humorous story of how Mrs. Jansons gets both.

Directed by: Dzintars Dreibergs

Cast Anta Krūmiņa, Gunārs Placēns, Aldis Kalniņš, Mārtiņš Meiers, Jānis Jaksts, Aleksandrs Guzenko, Viesturs Meikšāns, Ingūna Gremze

"Melt", feature

For 8-year old Gatis, the desire to catch a fish is greater than everyday things, like missing the last bus. When he has to bend to his parents' demands, there will certainly be misunderstandings.

Directed by: Dāvis Kaņepe

Cast Gustavs Krievkalns, Jānis Krievkaln, Kristīne Ķikute-Krievkalna, Andrejs Možeiko, Jānis Valpēteris

"Along the Milk Road", documentary

A journey to visit those people whose lives revolve around milk.

Directed by: Līga Gaisa

(English subtitles)

"Ten Pink Minutes", feature

Liene and Rihards find out they have won 10 000 lats in a lottery, but they have 10 minutes to find the winning receipt. While tearing through their belongings, they discover each other's secrets…

Directed by: Mārtiņš Eihe

Cast Inta Klusa, Jānis Vimba

(English subtitles)

"On the Wall", documentary

A look at stencil-art on the streets of Rīga - teasing statements for passers-by created during the night.

Directed by: Inese Apse

(English subtitles)

"Boundaries", feature

The story of an athlete who becomes wheelchair-bound after an accident and loses her will to live.

Directed by: Stīna Skulme

"The Ghost of the Train Car", feature

Five disbelieving young people meet in railcar said to be haunted by a murdered officer. The officer's ghost hasn't let go of being wronged, and the young people soon come to regret their decision…

Directed by: Uģis Nastevičs

Cast Katrīna Dzerkale, Rihards Plūme, Krista Bērziņa, Emīls Blūms-Blūmanis, Valters Brūns, Katrīna Melnbārde, Evita Kampusa, Oskars Mellers, Uģis Nastevičs, Jānis Vītols, Diāna Svikle

Дистрибьютор: Nacionālais Kino centrs


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