Players, or now will appear Oleg; Evgeniy Mironov. Nothing personal.

Players, or now will appear Oleg; Evgeniy Mironov. Nothing personal.

1h 40min  |  Документальный фильм  |  В кино с: 28.10.2006

Players, or now will appear Oleg

Oleg Menshikov - one of the most undiscovered actors both in cinema and in theatre. Different opinions and rumors accompany his every new work. Some people adore him, and but others do not forgive not even small failure... Petr Shepotinnik was lucky to be allowed in actor's creative laboratory and freely watch, how the roles and stage performances are being created

Cast: Olegs Mensikovs, Viktors Suhorukovs, Aleksandrs Usovs, Nikita Mihalkovs, Nikita Tatarenkovs, Aleksejs Gorbunovs

Directed by Pjotrs Shepotinniks

Evgeniy Mironov. Nothing personal.

Star status of actor Evgeniy Mironov created not by efforts of image-makers and producers, but by his talent and hardworking. Evgeniy Mironov almost doesn't provide interviews. But he made exception for authors of this documentary film. Actor allowed shooting group to follow him on filming sets and guest performances routes. The purpose of the film creators was to see, how the characters are created, how actor is seeking for his way in art, how is talking with the co-workers on the stage and filming sets, how he is recreating after work. How he chooses the characters, why he rejects some roles or agrees to accept the proposals of producers…

Directed by: Pjotrs Šepotiņņiks

Movies in Russian.

Дистрибьютор: Alexander Studio Group


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