Empire of the Wolves

Empire of the Wolves

2h 15min  |  Триллер  |  В кино с: 29.07.2005

Anna Heymes, in her early thirties, is the wife of one of the most important civil servants in the Ministry of the Interior. For more than a month, she's been suffering from terrifying hallucinations and continual amnesia attacks, to the point that she no longer recognizes her own husband's face and is even beginning to doubt his honesty. Meanwhile, in Paris's 10th arrondissement, Paul Nerteaux, a tough, dedicated police captain, heads the investigation into the death of three Turkish women who worked in the neighborhood's sweatshops. All three were atrociously mutilated. In order to infiltrate the neighborhood's Turkish population, Nerteaux has no other solution than to call in Jean-Louis Schiffer, one of his former colleagues notorious for using harsh tactics.

Starring: Jean Reno, Arly Jover, Jocelyn Quivrin, Laura Morante

French language with latvian and russian subtitles.

Дистрибьютор: Acme Film SIA


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