1h 46min  |  Комедия, Романтика  |  В кино с: 25.08.2006

In a romantic comedy, things typically unfold by a tried-and-true formula: boy meets girl, things go right, then just a little bit wrong, all on the way to happily-ever-after.

But what about when boy and girl are exhausted after another long day? When the routine starts to drive them absolutely nutty? When all the little things that used to endear them to each other start to just . . . really . . . annoy each other?

Enter The Break-Up . . . an unconventional romantic comedy that follows a couple's often comical, sometimes painful, but always entertaining journey into the unraveling and deconstruction of a once solid and loving relationship.

VINCE VAUGHN and JENNIFER ANISTON star as Gary and Brooke, a couple who let a seemingly small argument escalate out of control and suddenly find themselves -- after two years together -- confronted with the choice between love and loss.

With the once happy couple standing their ground and refusing to move out of the condo they've shared and showered with attention, an all-out war of the exes breaks out. The Break-Up boasts an all-star supporting cast of friends and family who come to give Gary and Brooke advice and direction from every possible perspective.

Casting: Vince Vaughn, Jennifer Aniston, Joey Lauren Adams, Ann-Margret, Judy Davis, Vincent D'Onofrio, Jon Favreau, Cole Hauser, John Michael Higgins, Justin Long

Directed by: Peyton Reed

Script: Jay Lavender, Jeremy Garelick

Producer: Stuart M. Besser, Peter Billingsley

English language with latvian and russian subtitles.

Дистрибьютор: United International Pictures /Forum Cinemas/


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