Film Program 2

Film Program 2

1h 40min  |  Приключенческий фильм, Остросюжетный фильм  |  В кино с: 28.09.2007

"Behind Museum", documentary

A tribute to the Latvian National Museum of Art's centenary, looking at what takes place behind the scenes and through the perspective of the museum staff.

Directed by: Una Meiberga

(English subtitles)

"Scortum", feature

Profession can mask one's true being: he is a preacher, she - a prostitute. But he is also a man, and she a woman. Simple but complicated.

Directed by: Dž. Dž. Džilindžers

Cast Ģirts Ķesteris, Zane Jančevska, Sarmīte Rubule, Gints Grāvelis, Ilze Suta, Laura Strautiņa, Aivars Līnis, Artūrs Skrastiņš,

(english subtitles)

"The Church will Arrive in the Evening", documentary

In the ice-free months Father Gennady captains a barge transformed into a floating church on a mission, cruising up and down the Don River and bringing spiritual food to the remote Cossack villages.

Directed by: Andis Mizišs

(English subtitles)

Дистрибьютор: Nacionālais Kino centrs


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