Maximum Headroom

Maximum Headroom

1h 37min  |  Комедия, Драма  |  В кино с: 10.06.2005

Members of a high school class in Latvia, who graduated in the mid-1980s, have been meeting every year. Now in their late 30s, they have adjusted with different degrees of success to the new conditions in independent Latvia. The reunions have been a chance to remember and relive the peculiar intensity of being young and on the threshold of "real life". However, this reality has, for most of the classmates, become an illusion of what success and happiness are supposed to mean.

The film portrays the events of one night, when the classmates meet again at a country inn owned by one of them. Old passions are rekindled, secrets are revealed, but when the dramatic night is over, life can, perhaps, return to the routines and illusions of everyday.

Starring: Rēzija Kalņina, Leonarda Kļaviņa, Harijs Spanovskis, Jānis Paukštello, Normunds Laizāns, Diana Zande, Andris Makovskis, Zane Daudziņa.

Latvian language.

Дистрибьютор: Baltic Cinema
В ролях: Rēzija Kalniņa


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