Super Mario Bros. Movie

Super Mario Bros. Movie

1h 33min  |  Adventure movie, Comedy, Animation  |  Release Date: 07.04.2023

While working underground to fix a water main, Brooklyn plumbers Mario and brother Luigi are transported down a mysterious pipe into a magical new world. But when the brothers are separated, Mario embarks on an epic quest to find Luigi. With the assistance of mushroom Toad and some essential battle training from Mushroom Kingdom ruler and warrior Princess Peach, Mario taps into his own power and perseveres, determined that as long as he and Luigi have each other, anything is possible.

Movie available in the following versions and formats:

- in Latvian (2D and 3D);

- in Russian, with subtitles in Latvian (2D);

- in English, with subtitles in Latvian (2D).

Distributor: Latvian Theatrical Distribution
Director: Aaron Horvath, Michael Jelenic
Cast: Chris Pratt, Anya Taylor-Joy, Charlie Day, Keegan-Michael Key, Jack Black, Seth Rogen, Fred Armisen, Kevin Michael Richardson, Sebastian Maniscalco
Links: IMDB, Official site, Facebook


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