Lielais Kristaps. Ruch and Norie

Lielais Kristaps. Ruch and Norie

Lielais Kristaps. Ručs un Norie

1h 5min  |  Documentary  |  Release Date: 02.11.2015

Documentary "Ruch and Norie" is a human interest story about two contrasting people striking up a surprising, emotional and spiritual relationship. Japanese student Norie Tsuruta travels to Latvia to study Suiti community. There she meets one of the oldest Suiti women nicknamed Ruch, who doesn't know a single word in English but can sing. An inexplicable link connects them both. Norie thinks she has found her deceased grandma in Ruch, while Ruch will now tremble at every earthquake in Japan.

Directed by Ināra Kolmane, producer Marta Mannenbach, Ināra Kolmane, Jānis Juhņēvičs.

Filmu studija DEVIŅI.

Distributor: Lielais Kristaps
Director: Ināra Kolmane
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