Лекция: История 3D-кино

Лекция: История 3D-кино

Lekcija: 3D kino vēsture

2h 10min  |  Live broadcast  |  Release Date: 11.09.2011

Stefan Droessler, director of the Munich Film Museum and 3D cinema specialist, in his lecture will examine the long history of 3D cinema. A little known fact is that already such cinema founders as Auguste and Louis Lumière, Georges Méliès and Max Skladanowsky began experimenting with 3D technologies. But even more rarely is mentioned that the first feature film in 3D - the screen version of "Robinson Crusoe" - was made already in 1947 in the Soviet Union, and even Sergei Eisenstein acknowledged it as an impressive example of future cinema. New digital technologies and success of “Avatar” by James Cameron once again introduced 3D technology as film revolution. But does cinema really need the third dimension? Do 3D films have their own special aesthetics? Or maybe it is just a temporary fad and audiences soon will get tired of the necessity of wearing 3D glasses? In order to illustrate the development of 3D cinema, Stefan Droessler will show rare 3D film fragments, dating even from the beginning of the 1900-ies, and will talk about modern 3D cinema's future prospects.

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