Spot, The

Spot, The

1h 32min  |  Drama  |  Release Date: 27.10.2006

Film is about three girl's fortunes, who in different ways came to the panel and as the fates decree became "colleagues" in the real, not imagined by the script - writers "spot" of the taking the prostitutes in Staropimenovskiy side street in Moscow. Three broken down fortunes tightly interlaced with each other. Each girl desperately cherishes hopes for "normal life" but if someone manages to escape out of vicious circle, someone is doomed to stay there forever…

Cast: Darja Moroza, Viktorija Isakova, Anna Ukolova, Mihails Jefremovs, Mihails Gorevojs, Leonids Okunevs

Directed by Jurijs Morozs

Movie in Russian.

Distributor: Alexander Studio Group


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