The Dark Deer

The Dark Deer

Dark Deer, The

1h 25min  |  Drama  |  Release Date: 15.09.2006

Ria, a seventeen years old girl, a sensitive and unpredictable wild child, full of mystery, inhabits the centre of the story. Ria's mother has suffered in an accident and has not been speaking since the moment of the birth of her daughter. The family breeds the deer for selling but the business does not succeed. To earn some money father decides to hold a hunt. When German hunters arrive at the deer garden Ria's desperate fight for the animals' life begins. Complicated family circumstances result in a frantic and desperate act of killing the beings she loves most of all. A tragic drama set in a contemporary but unusual milieu in the garden of the deer, in the middle of which the protagonists of the film live almost confined together with the wild animals and their own repressed passions.

Cast: Kristīne Krūze, Juris Žagars, Elita Kļaviņa, Kaspars Dimiters, Maija Doveika, Pēteris Martinsons

Directed by Viesturs Kairišs

Movie in Latvian.

Distributor: Forum Cinemas, SIA


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