1h 29min  |  Thriller  |  Release Date: 26.11.2004

What if you received a call on your cell phone from a complete stranger, with the frantic voice on the other end begging you to help save her life? Would you hang up immediately, thinking it's a prank? What if there's even a remote chance the caller is serious and you're their only remaining hope? What would you do?

A random wrong number on his cell phone sends a young man into a high-stakes race against time to save a woman's life in the action thriller Cellular, a fast-paced film reminiscent of such edge-of-your-seat thrill rides as Speed.

Starring Kim Basinger, Jason Stathan, Chris Evans

Academy Award® winner Kim Basinger (The Door in the Floor, L.A. Confidential) stars as Jessica Martin, a high school science teacher and mother whose peaceful life is turned upside down when she is kidnapped from her home by five unknown assailants and taken to a mysterious location. Fearful for her life and completely in the dark as to her abductors' motives, Jessica manages to patch together a shattered telephone and secretly place a call to an unknown number in a last-ditch attempt to save herself. Ryan (Chris Evans of The Perfect Score and Not Another Teen Movie), the carefree young man who answers the panicked call, suddenly finds himself Jessica's last hope.

Distributor: Warner Bros. Pictures International


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