Pineapple express
Pineapple express (2008)
Genres: Comedy
Under 16 not recommended Under 16 not recommended

On their way to becoming self-actualized adults, a duo of delinquent dudes find themselves stymied by unfortunate habits. But when stuck-in-neutral process server Dale Denton (Rogen) inadvertently witnesses a drug-related murder, he and his bug Saul (Franco) find that sometimes the motivation you need to make something of your life is a mob of fugitives hunting you down.

Cast: Seth Rogen, James Franco, Danny R. McBride, Gary Cole, Rosie Perez, Amber Heard, James Remar

Directed by: David Gordon Green

Scriptwriter: Seth Rogen, Evan Goldberg

Producer: Judd Apatow

Movie in English with subtitles in Latviand and Russian.

Release Date: 17.10.2008
Length: 1h 53 min
Production company: Apatow Productions
Distributor: Forum Cinemas, SIA


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