The Kids Are All Right

The Kids Are All Right

1h 46min  |  Comedy, Drama  |  Release Date: 11.02.2011

Kids Are All Right Top Winners At Globes Awards!

"The Kids are All Right" is the story of two modern children, 18-year-old Joni and 15 year-old Laser. They are the children of Nic (Annette Bening) and Jules, a happily partnered lesbian couple. They each gave birth to their children using an anonymous sperm donor. When Laser is intrigued about his biological father, he insists that Joni call the sperm office and arrange a meeting with their donor, revealed to be single restaurant-owner Paul (Mark Ruffalo).Joni is bright and talented and has just been accepted into college, while Laser has drifted in with the wrong crowd causing Nic and Jules to worry about his priorities. They meet Paul and are immediately charmed by his charisma and easy-going persona. He generally expresses interest in them and wishes to see them in the future, and they begin to spend a lot of time with him, to the concern of their mothers.

Casting: Julianne Moore, Annette Bening, Mark Ruffalo, Mia Wasikowska

Directed by: Liza Holodenko

Movie in English with subtitles in Latvian and Russian.

Distributor: SmartWay Systems OY
Director: Lisa Cholodenko
Cast: Annette Bening, Julianne Moore, Mark Ruffalo, Mia Wasikowska, Josh Hutcherson, Yaya DaCosta, Kunal Sharma, Zosia Mamet, Joaquín Garrido


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