L'enquete corse

L'enquete corse

1h 32min  |  Комедия  |  В кино с: 04.03.2005

Christian Clavier plays a detective (Rémi or Jack Palmer) who is sent with a fake story to Corse, to look up Ange Léoni (Jean Reno), leader of the a local terrorist-separatist group. There he meets the stunning sister of Ange, Léa (Caterina Murino - almost Miss Italy) and a lot of trouble.

The movies is a quite good one in its category. It will give you some good time and laughs while you follow the story of the detective from Paris and the local people of Corse.

Do not expect deep thoughts, special effects, multimillion setups or Oscar nominee scenes. Just some good time to relax. That's what the film is meant for...

Jean Reno and Christian Clavier will provide you with their acting talent. They are very good at making you smile or laugh. 'Lea' gives something for the eyes. The locals give you some parody of the Corsican historical heritage...

Starring: Christian Clavier, Jean Reno, Caterina Murino, Didier Flamand, Pierre Salasca, Pido, Alain Maratrat

Дистрибьютор: Enterprise


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