Latvijas skolas soma

Cinema creates emotions, educates and broadens horizons.

Forum Cinemas, within the framework of the Latvian School Bag programme, offers to watch both the latest films made in Latvia and films available in our archive, thus making a visit to the cinema a great cause for new ideas and discussions.

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Currently available movies:

Tickets for films within the framework of the Latvian School Bag programme are available for groups starting from 10 students for weekday showings from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. The ticket price for both students and teachers is €3.95 for a 2D and €4.95 for a 3D screening.

* The teacher can apply for the visit by filling in the online application form below. The invoice or invoice number will be sent to the e-mail in the application reply. 

* The offer is not valid for films that are not suitable to the children’s age, according to the Classification of Films approved by the Cabinet of Ministers, including horror films. The classifications are available here.

* Further information is available by writing to or by calling +371 67357608.

Be curious and learn together with your class!

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Once we have received the completed application form, we will contact you to clarify the information regarding your visit.

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Only a fully completed application will be considered valid.

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