Ar klasi uz kino

Time for a cinema trip in great company!

Forum Cinemas offers a fun cinema visit for your class, which will not only be great entertainment that brings you closer, but also an educational addition to your studies.

Ticket reservations are available for groups starting from 12 students, for weekday screenings from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., except for the PEPSI auditorium. The ticket price for both students and teachers is €3.95 for a 2D and €4.95 for a 3D screening.

At the time of booking, the maximum number of visitors must be provided; however, only the number of people who are present will be charged!

  • The teacher can apply for the visit by filling in the online application form below. An application response letter will be sent to your e-mail with a booking number, which must be shown at the box office upon payment. You must do this at least 15 minutes before the show begins, otherwise your booking will be canceled!
  • The offer is not valid for films that are not suitable to the children’s age, according to the Classification of Films approved by the Cabinet of Ministers, including horror films. The classifications are available here.
  • Further information available by writing to or by calling +371 67357608.

Experience the best cinema adventure together!

Application Form

Once we have received the completed application form, we will contact you to clarify the information regarding your visit.

Important Information!

Only a fully completed application will be considered valid.

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