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Under 12 not recommended
City On The River
Pilsēta pie upes
Ansis has an innocent occupation – he is a sign painter. His craft is in demand with the authoritarian regime of pre-war Latvia, the communists, and the Nazis. Ansis loves the Jewish girl Zisla but the girl's father puts obstacles in the path of their love.
Release Date: 17.01.2020, Length: 1h 58 min
Genres: Drama, historical, romance
Viesturs Kairišs
Under 12 not recommended
The Chronicles of Melanie
Melānijas hronika
Youthful dreams, the best years of her life, health, home, husband, son, homeland – the Soviet regime took it all away, yet she survived. She survived to write it all down, so that generations to come would never forget the story that was forced on all of us.
Release Date: 01.11.2016, Length: 2h 04 min
Genres: Drama, biography
Viesturs Kairišs
For All Audiences
Lohengrin From Varka Crew
Loengrīns no Varka Kru
Now funny, then bitter but certainly a touching story about Martins Rubenis – the Latvian luger, Olympic bronze winner, a human rights activist and DJ in one person. Just like Richard Wagner’s Lohengrin he comes down the mountain to help people. Directed by Viesturs Kairišs Scriptwriter: Viesturs Kairišs Producer: Guntis Trekteris
Release Date: 05.02.2010, Length: 1h 20 min
Genres: Documentary
Under 12 not recommended
The Dark Deer
Dark Deer, The
Ria, a seventeen years old girl, a sensitive and unpredictable wild child, full of mystery, inhabits the centre of the story. Ria's mother has suffered in an accident and has not been speaking since the moment of the birth of her daughter. The family breeds the deer for selling but the business does not succeed.
Release Date: 15.09.2006, Length: 1h 25 min
Genres: Drama


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