e-Vouchers in your Kino Club account! e-Vouchers – this is a way to make the purchase of cinema tickets even more convenient and simple. One voucher guarantees a cinema visit, allowing it to be exchanged for a ticket any movie at any time (except ISENSE and LUXE auditoriums) at the cinema's boxoffice, home page or mobile app.

The price of one set of e-Vouchers (x 5) is €30 and the price of a higher set (x 10) is €57.80.

e-Vouchers can be used for 6 months from the time of purchase.

You can see the rules for using the e-Coupon here.

One click and cinema guaranteed!

Buy e-Vouchers

5x e-Voucher combo

5x e-Voucher combo

6,00 € / unit

Group Price 30,00 €

1 x 5 unit (30,00 €)

10x e-Voucher combo

10x e-Voucher combo

5,78 € / unit

Group Price 57,80 €

1 x 10 unit (57,80 €)