Slepenā pirmizrāde

Secret Premiere

Are you ready to take a plunge into the unknown to experience an unprecedented cinematic experience and broaden your horizons as a cinema fan? The Secret Premiere is an exclusive opportunity to be the first to watch one of the upcoming films BEFORE its official premiere in Latvia, with one condition only -- You will not know which film will be shown until the very beginning of the screening. It is an exciting adventure that is full of surprises and that won’t leave indifferent even the biggest movie critics. If you would like to bring your cinematic experience to a truly unprecedented level, attend the Secret Horror Premiere as it won’t fail to really kick off your evening. It will be interesting, no doubt about that!

Take the gamble and get the best seats for the next screening!

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Secret HORROR Premiere

Secret HORROR Premiere

Slepenā ŠAUSMU Pirmizrāde

2h 50min

Release Date: 26.07.2024