Dāmām priekšroka

Ladies First

Every woman wants to feel special and to be pampered, so we have created the special and feminine Ladies First cinema screenings that give an exclusive opportunity to watch the latest films before their official premiere in Latvia. These screenings boast a wonderfully informal atmosphere and invite you to indulge in beautiful moments, experience a rich array of emotions, receive pampering gifts from the sponsors of the event, and engage in exciting activities to win valuable prizes.

The 15% discount is not valid for Ladies First premiere events when paying with a Citadele bank payment card.

Join in, you’ve deserved it!

"Ecstasis" - November 28 at 19:00

Erotic drama directed by Dž.Dž.Džilindžers, based on novel by Karīna Račko. Bohemian photographer Ivy, burdened by troubled marriage, starts a steamy affair with painter Elias, whose studio is in the same building as hers. Ivy gets swept up in whirlwind of passion, intrigues and lies, but soon her lighthearted affair becomes toxic, painful and tearful addiction. Ivy realizes that this relationship is destroying her and everyone around her. What is love? How is it born and why is it so fragile? Is ecstasis the pinnacle of human relationship?

Director: Dž. Dž. Džilindžers.

The movie is in Latvian with subtitles in English.


Dāmām priekšroka

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Anyone But You

Anyone But You

1h 43min

Release Date: 28.12.2023