1h 39min  |  Adventure movie, Animation, Family, Fantasy  |  Release Date: 02.08.2024

It's a dark time in the ancient Chinese empire. Dragons, once friends and wise allies of men, have been hunted down for years and thrown into ironclad dungeons. In a faraway fortress in the mountain regions, a young servant girl helps the last living dragon escape his captivity and joins him in a quest to retrieve his most precious gift: the last dragon egg, stolen by an evil sorcerer who wants its power to achieve immortality. Chased by the Emperor’s armies, this odd couple embarks on a journey across ancient China, in which they both learn to grow—one from his millenary wisdom, the other from her youthful inexperience— and to trust each other in order to defeat a fearsome necromancer, and to ensure the survival of the dragons’ lineage.

Movie available in the following versions and formats:

- in Latvian;

- in Russian with subtitles in Latvian.

Distributor: VLG Filmas
Director: Jianping Li, Salvador Simó
Links: IMDB, Official site


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