Law of the Heart

Law of the Heart

Sirds likums

1h 5min  |  Animation, Family  |  Release Date: 02.02.2024

In a remote kingdom lived a King and a Princess. Life was calm and predictable, and the court was preparing for the royal daughter’s wedding. One night in the palace garden, the Princess met a Stranger bearing an unusual gift, and everything changed. In this tale of love and courage, the Princess runs away from home, her groom the Prince and friend the Cat embark on an adventure, while Goldeneye the maid tries to reason with the King – and everyone must watch out for the power-hungry Wolves.

The movie is in Latvian.

Distributor: Studio Locomotive
Director: Roze Stiebra
Cast: Telma Auziņa, Jānis Grūtups, Ritvars Logins, Gerds Lapoška, Marta Lovisa, Toms Harjo
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