The Peasants

The Peasants


1h 54min  |  Animation, Drama, Historical  |  Release Date: 15.03.2024

Riga IFF presents:

The turn of a new century. As seasons change, the lives of the local people in Lipce are subordinated to the harvest and the whims of nature, and village life to laws and customs. Young peasant Jagna's future is dictated by her family - she is forced to become the wife of the wealthy Maciej, although her heart belongs to her suitor's son Antek. Wanting to preserve her independence, she becomes the object of local envy and hatred: the more she resists, the more it disrupts the established order.

The movie is in Polish with subtitles in Latvian.

Distributor: Riga IFF
Director: DK Welchman, Hugh Welchman
Cast: Kamila Urzedowska, Robert Gulaczyk, Miroslaw Baka
Links: IMDB, Official homepage, Facebook, Официальная страница


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