Before and After Humanity

Before and After Humanity

1h 26min  |  Drama  |  Release Date: 20.10.2023

The short films are a part of the RIGA IFF 2023 INTERNATIONAL SHORT FILM COMPETITION programme.

Thanks to global warming and ChatGPT, we’re used to the idea of a world without us. And accordingly, the filmmakers of this programme chart a map of disappearing humanity. Poetic climate change? See what would happen if it rained indoors, not outdoors, in The Eastern Rain (Dir. Milly Yencken). AI? Be unsettled by the machine-generated aesthetics of Planets and Robots (Dir. Julius Zubavičius, Antanas Skučas), where there is no human life behind its images.

So, what is left when everybody has gone? Hopefully, as the darkly humorous Drijf (Dir. Levi Stopss) demonstrates, our basic instincts will remain: the will to survive and to bicker with your partner. Ghosts will linger too, analogue and unexpected in Howling (Dir. Aya Kawazoe), digital and distant through our screen in The Ghost of Mariupol (Dir. Marie Chemin).

And at the very end, trees will prevail, teaching us the history of a forgotten land in the melancholy The Despair of Monkeys (Dir. Julián García Long), or just by being the origin of Catalog ’93 (Dir. Grau Del Grau) – a paper digest of everything you need to know about goods, women, men and, well…humanity.

The short films are in various languages (Japanese, French, Dutch, Spanish, English) with subtitles in English.

Distributor: Riga IFF


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