Big Kids

Big Kids

Quand tu seras grand

1h 40min  |  Comedy, Drama  |  Release Date: 15.09.2023

Brieuc and his friends’ school cafeteria is being remodeled. To their great dismay, their teacher Aude takes them to the nearby nursing home to spend their lunch breaks. The head caretaker Yannick is not so happy to see them invade his residents’ territory. A generation clash seems inevitable. Who will declare war first: the residents or the guests? But shared interests and a series of comical situations spawn true friendships among the lonely geriatrics and the boisterous school kids. It’s clear that this new arrangement is a growing experience for one and all.

Movie in French with subtitles in Latvian and Russian.

Distributor: Unlimited Media OÜ
Director: Andréa Bescond, Eric Métayer
Cast: Vincent Macaigne, Aïssa Maïga
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