1h 31min  |  Thriller, Adventure movie  |  Release Date: 03.10.2022

Andrejs, a meticulous outdoor adventure guide, takes a film crew to a wild river valley for a vegetarian sausage commercial shoot. The enterprise suffers an unexpected setback as the crew goes missing. Forced to find them, Andrejs has to go into the wild, following the traces left behind by the crew, while facing mysterious forces and inner demons in order to bring them back to safety. Little does he know that in the autumn the valley unleashes a strange, wondrous phenomenon whose reckless power does not spare even the locals. Finding the missing clients is no child’s play, and soon Andrejs has to realize that he who seeks to find will lose himself.

Movie in Latvian with subtitles in Russian and English.

Distributor: Kino Kults, SIA
Director: Uģis Olte
Cast: Igors Šelegovskis, Inga Tropa, Rihards Sniegs, Elvita Ragovska, Morten Traavik
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