The Shift

The Shift


1h 21min  |  Drama, Crime  |  Release Date: 18.09.2020

Mareks (32) is a young taxi driver in Riga working hard to provide for his son. He islooking forward to spending the weekend with him when an envelope full of cash isstolen from his taxi. With a debt to repay to his short-tempered boss, Mareks needs to earn the money back fast. He drives to the airport and hotels in the hopes of getting some well-paying customers. However, the competition for clients is fierce. Mareksignores the established rules and upsets the delicate balance between rival taxi companies. As the morning approaches getting the money seems to be the least of Mareks problems.

Movie is in Latvian, English and Russian.

Distributor: Mistrus Media
Director: Reinis Kalviņš
Cast: Edgars Ozoliņš
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