Trapped by Borders

Trapped by Borders

Robežu gūstā

1h 22min  |  Adventure movie, Documentary  |  Release Date: 07.08.2020

They had been travelling around the world in firetrucks. Five continents and 51 countries, from South America to Tibet, to the sounthernmost point of Africa. Nothing could stop them – until something did. One of the firetrucks was seized on the China-Vietnam border, and the expedition was over.

It’s hard to leave behind someone who has become a part of the family. Almost eight years later, the original members of the team decided to bring back the truck, no matter how hard it might be. We don’t leave our own behind, and the expedition is not over until all of its members are home – this is a rescue mission!

Movie ir Latvian.

Distributor: Kino Spektrs SIA
Director: Sandijs Semjonovs
Cast: Harijs Sils, Valdis Brants
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