1h 36min  |  Comedy, Romance  |  Release Date: 26.11.2021

What we don't talk about. A romantic comedy about five loving couples looking for new emotions to make their being together even more harmonious and colorful. Everything is fine for them - love, trust and respect, and there is a desire that is not talked about out loud.

Movie in Latvian with subtitles in Lavian and Russian.

Distributor: Baltic Content Media
Director: Andrejs Ēķis
Cast: Zane Daudziņa, Kaspars Gods, Mirdza Martinsone, Pēteris Gaudiņš, Klinta Reinholde, Jurijs Djakonovs, Zane Aļļēna, Uldis Anže, Daiga Gaismiņa, Ģirts Krūmiņš
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