#AnneFrank. Parallel Stories

#AnneFrank. Parallel Stories

1h 35min  |  Documentary  |  Release Date: 27.01.2020

Anne Frank was born in Frankfurt on 12th June 1929 and this year she would have been 90 years old. The documentary film tells the story of her life through the pages of her diary: an extraordinary text that has made the tragedy of Nazism known to millions of readers all over the world, and revealed the brilliant, enlightening intelligence of a young girl who wanted to become a writer.

Anne’s story is intertwined with that of five Holocaust survivors, teenage girls just like her, with the same ideals, the same desire to live, the same courage: Arianna Szörenyi, Sarah Montard, Helga Weiss and sisters Andra and Tatiana Bucci.

Helen Mirren will introduce audiences to Anne’s story through the words in her diary. The set will be her room in the secret refuge in Amsterdam, reconstructed in every detail.

Movie in English, French, Czech and Italian with subtitles in English.

Distributor: NEXO DIGITAL
Director: Sabina Fedeli, Anna Migotto
Cast: Helen Mirren
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