Mērija's journey

Mērija's journey

Mērijas ceļojums

1h 22min  |  Historical, Documentary, Biography  |  Release Date: 03.07.2018

The story of Mērija Grīnberga, a young woman who saved a large number of Latvia's museum treasures during the World War 2.

At the end of the WW2 the retreating German army took with them 700 crates of treasures from Latvian museum collections. If not for a young woman Mērija Grīnberga, many of the exhibition halls in Latvian museums would be empty today. In 1944 Mērija volunteered to travel with the train of Latvian art treasures and returned with them back to Riga in 1945.

The German occupying forces tried to take the treasures out of the country, and the Soviet occupying forces brought them back again, but Mērija stuck to her mission until the very end. Instead of receiving gratitude, Mērija was fired from her job at the museum and was forced to work at a factory. And all her life she was plagued by suspicion.

The film is based on the diaries of Mērija's mother and reveal both Mērija Grīnberga's unusual fate, as well as the twists and turns of the Latvian history.

Movie ir Latvian with subtitles in English.

Distributor: EklektikaE, SIA
Director: Kristīne Želve
Cast: Daiga Kažociņa, Marīna Janaus
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