Well, hello, Oksana Sokolova!

Well, hello, Oksana Sokolova!

Ну, здравствуй, Оксана Соколова!

1h 40min  |  Comedy  |  Release Date: 09.03.2018

The unsuccessful actor from the province Ilya finally got luck in the capital - from tomorrow his voice will be heard on the air of "Men's Radio"! Fame and success awaits. Why not to celebrate such an event! But in the morning the fresh presenter can not say a word - the voice after the wild party disappeared completely. Half an hour before the air, prime time, signed contract... Becoming a hostage of the ridiculous situation, Ilya is ready to do everything to get back his voice and his chance.

Movie in Russian with subtitles in Latvian.

Distributor: Garsu pasaulio irasai UAB
Director: Kirill Vasilev
Cast: Viktor Dobronravov, Valentina Mazunina, Sergey Burunov, Boris Dergachov
Links: gpicinema.com, kinopoisk.ru


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