The Crew

The Crew


2h 18min  |  Adventure movie, Action  |  Release Date: 22.04.2016

A young pilot gets kicked out of the military air force after breaching an absurd order. He starts working as a second pilot in the civil aviation. Always straight-forward, he is not on the best terms with his new colleagues. During a flight to Asia his crew receives a distress call from the volcanic island and takes a decision to fly a dangerous rescue mission. Only together the crew ca survive the disaster.

Movie in Russian with subtitles in Latvian. Available in 3D and 2D.

Distributor: Garsu pasaulio irasai UAB
Director: Nikolay Lebedev
Cast: Danila Kozlovsky, Vladimir Mashkov, Agne Grudyte, Sergey Kempo, Katerina Shpitsa, Sergey Shakurov, Sergey Gazarov
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