Secret Premiere

Secret Premiere

Slepenā Pirmizrāde

3h 0min  |  Secret  |  Release Date: 14.12.2023

Are your ready to take a plunge into the unknown, to enjoy a new cinematic experience and widen your horizon of a cinema-goer? Then the Secret Premiere is just for you!


What is the Secret Premiere?

It is an exclusive chance to be the first who watches some of the upcoming films! Moreover, secrecy of the premiere is ensured by the fact that none of the spectators will know which film they are going to watch until the beginning of the show.


What kind of films will be shown?

Any film is possible but we guarantee that:

• the spectator will be one the first to watch it;

• it will be qualitative cinema that will stir up discussions among the spectators.


To maintain secrecy:

• the established age restriction for the event is 16+ (although any rating from U to 16+ could apply to the film);

• the exact duration of the show will not be disclosed but we recommend getting ready for 90 up to 180 minutes.


Let us meet at the Secret Premiere!


Distributor: #SlepenaPirmizrade
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