Pelnu sanatorija

1h 40min  |  War, Drama, Historical  |  Release Date: 22.01.2016

The final year of WWI. A German army surgeon Ulrich is sent to inspect a remote convalescent home for shell-shocked patients. The strange world he encounters where reality appears more like fiction is quite challenging for his cold rational mind. His fruitless efforts to remodel the place and an unexpected attachment to a mysterious savage boy from the surrounding woods lead Ulrich to discover his one true self. Very soon this turned-out sanctuary will have to make its last stand against the approaching madness of the war.

Movie in Latvian, German and Russian with subtitles in Latvian and Russian.

Distributor: Locomotive Productions
Director: Dāvis Sīmanis
Cast: Ulrich Matthes, Agnese Cīrule, Dmitrijs Jaldovs, Leonīds Lencs, Pēteris Liepiņš, Toms Liepājnieks, Marīna Janaus
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