The Trip to Italy

The Trip to Italy

1h 48min  |  Comedy, Drama  |  Release Date: 17.10.2014

Two friends, six meals in six different places on a road trip around Italy. Liguria, Tuscany, Rome, Amalfi and ending in Capri.

Michael Winterbottom has reunited the comedians Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon for a new culinary road trip, retracing the steps of the Romantic poets’ grand tour of Italy and indulging in some sparkling banter and, thankfully, more impersonation battle-royales.

On assignment by The Observer to write about some high-end restaurants and historical sites along the Italian peninsula, Rob enlists the on-hiatus-from-Hollywood Steve to join him on this new journey. So off they go enjoying mouthwatering meals in gorgeous settings from Liguria to Capri while riffing on subjects as varied as the latest Batman flick and of course, the virtue of sequels. camera captures the idyllic Italian landscape and the gastronomic treasures being prepared and consumed and chemistry and brilliant comic interplay between Coogan and Brydon.

Movie in English with subtitles in Latvian and Russian.

Distributor: Forum Cinemas, SIA
Director: Michael Winterbottom
Cast: Steve Coogan, Rob Brydon
Links: IMDB, Official site


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