Brick Mansions

Brick Mansions

1h 29min  |  Drama, Crime, Action  |  Release Date: 16.05.2014

In a dystopian Detroit, abandoned homes from better times house the city‟s most dangerous criminals. These are the grim, apocalyptic housing projects known as Brick Mansions. Unable to control the rampant crime, the authorities have walled Brick Mansions in, supposedly to protect the rest of the city from its lawless, violent, degenerate inhabitants. In Brick Mansions, only the strong survive. In this dog-eat-dog society, the ruthless, urbane, and deadly drug kingpin Tremaine, played by RZA, is at the top of the foodchain. One of his recent heists puts him in the crosshairs of undercover cop Damien Collier, played by Paul Walker. In fact, Tremaine and Damien have a history and the line between justice and revenge is razor thin. For Damien, every day is a fight against corruption and although it isn‟t apparent at first, he finds an unlikely ally in one of the last good souls of Brick Mansions, Lino, played by David Belle. Stuck in the unpredictable and dangerous concrete jungle of Brick Mansions, Lino battles everyday to live an honest life. A vigilante in his own right, he fights for a better overall community. Upon first meeting, their differences get the better of them and the thought of being allies seems nearly impossible. That is until Damien and Lino realize they share a mutual enemy: Tremaine. The duo comes from completely different worlds, whose paths never should have crossed. But when Tremaine kidnaps Lino‟s girlfriend, it sets in motion a chain of adrenaline-spiking events forcing the two to work together. Damien reluctantly accepts the help of the fearless, acrobatic ex- convict, and together attempt to stop a sinister plot to devastate the entire city. In the process, they learn that they have more in common than they initially realized. A grudging respect for one another leads to friendship as they begin to realize that what happens inside and outside of Brick Mansions is not what it seems.

Movie in English with subtitles in Latvian and Russian.

Distributor: SIA "TFB"
Director: Camille Delamarre
Cast: Paul Walker, David Belle,  RZA
Links: Official site, Facebook, IMDB


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