People out there

People out there

Люди там

1h 30min  |  Drama, Crime  |  Release Date: 02.03.2012

Jan, a guy in his twenties, and his friend Cracker, are involved in several crimes in their neglected suburb of the city. After meeting the “golden youth” beauty, Sabina, he looks for a fresh start in downtown circles, but finds contempt. His hopes for love, compassion and opportunity are dashed by the even more ruthless rules of the bourgeois, and all he can count on is himself.

Cast: Iļja Ščerbakovs, Semjons Serzins, Mihails Razumovskis, Viktorija Kondratenko, Mareks Marcinkēvičs, Agnese Frišfelde

Directed by: Aiks Karapetjans

Movie in Russian with subtitles in Latvian.

Distributor: Kinoklubs, SIA
Director: Aik Karapetian
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