1h 40min  |  Thriller, Adventure movie, Drama, Action  |  Release Date: 23.09.2011

Twilight series star Taylor Lautner stars in director John Singleton's thriller about a teen who finds himself in mortal danger after realizing that his entire childhood has been built on lies. Realizing that the people who raised him aren't his real parents after stumbling across a childhood photo of himself on a website devoted to missing children, the frightened teen flees for his life as FBI agents Frank Burton (Frank Molina) and Sandra Burns (Antonique Smith) race to protect him and uncover the truth about his mysterious past.

Casting: Taylor Lautner, Frank Molina, Lily Collins, Jason Isaacs, Maria Bello, Michael Nyqvist, Sigourney Weaver

Directed by: John Singleton

Movie in English with subtitles in Latvian and Russian.

Distributor: Acme Film SIA
Director: John Singleton
Cast: Taylor Lautner, Lily Collins, Alfred Molina, Jason Isaacs, Sigourney Weaver, Maria Bello, Michael Nyqvist, Denzel Whitaker, Antonique Smith, Nickola Shreli, Allen Williamson


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