Help gone mad

Help gone mad

Сумасшедшая помощь

1h 58min  |  Comedy  |  Release Date: 22.08.2009

The kind, naive and lazy Evgeni and several of his comrades make their way from a Belarus village to Moscow in order to earn money. But the megapolis does not like his kind of people: it turns them into marginal groups. On the way an annoying criminal incident occurs: and Zhenia loses his money, his documents, and his fellow travellers. Trashed, plundered and intimidated, he is doomed to become yet another Moscow vagabond. But a miracle happens: the homeless man from the provinces is taken in by a Muscovite pensioner. The former engineer conquers Zhenia’s heart with his simplicity, sincerity and noble behaviour, and – above all – he removes the pathos from the struggle against the everyday nastiness of the Russian capital... A film about the good and the ridiculous, about people and about Russia.

- World Premiere – the Forum Programme, IFF Berlin 2009.

Cast: Evgeni Syty, Sergei Dreiden, Igor Chernevich, Anna Mikhalkova, Alexander Yatsenko, Nikita Emshanov

Directed by Boris Khlebnikov

Script: Alexander Rodionov

Producer: Roman Borisevich, Ruben Dishdishian

Movie in Russian.

Distributor: Alexander Studio Group


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