Rudolf's Gold

Rudolf's Gold

Rūdolfa mantojums

1h 54min  |  Comedy, Drama  |  Release Date: 12.02.2010

A national film where joy meddles with sorrow and love enhances the wish to live.

It is a fantasy of the author of the film Jānis Streičs and a dedication to Blaumanis with a spontaneous glance back at the events when characters of Skroderdienas were very young. They have different names and the action is moved to a much later time than when Blaumanis lived.

It is the dawn of the XX century which promised Latvians a prosperous and happy future, the national self esteem of the nation had awaken and the ability of farmers to overcome even the estate stewards were increasing. The old soldier of the Kaiser Roudup, with his wealth and pride, being a thorn in the baron’s flesh, becomes truly uncontrollable when he gets hit by the Cupid’s arrow. For a simple maid Emily the old boy is willing to do anything. But the girl loves his godson Kārlis. It all involves both riches and lawlessness of the baron and cheaters. The fight of two relatives for the heart of Emily changes both the fate of both men and the maid, so she can see sunshine through the tears.

Cast: Romualds Ancāns, Rēzija Kalniņa, Arturs Skrastiņš, Dainis Gaidelis, Velta Straume, Venta Vecumniece, Jānis Paukštello, Uldis Dumpis, Ingrida Andriņa

Directed by Jānis Streičs

Scriptwriter: Jānis Streičs

Producer: Andrejs Ēķis un Aigars Grauba

Movie in Latvian.

Distributor: Platforma, SIA
Director: Jānis Streičs
Cast: Rēzija Kalniņa, Artūrs Skrastiņš, Dainis Gaidelis, Uldis Dumpis


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