Whatever Works

Whatever Works

1h 35min  |  Comedy, Romance  |  Release Date: 04.09.2009

Attempting to impress his ideologies on religion, relationships, and the randomness (and worthlessness) of existence, lifelong New York resident Boris Yellnikoff rants to anyone who will listen, including the audience. But when he begrudgingly allows naive Mississippi runaway Melodie St. Ann Celestine to live in his apartment, his reclusive rages give way to an unlikely friendship and Boris begins to mold the impressionable young girl's worldly views to match his own. When it comes to love, "whatever works" is his motto, but his already perplexed life complicates itself further when Melodie's parents eventually track her down.

Cast: Larry David, Evan Rachel Wood, Patricia Clarkson, Michael McKean, Conleth Hill, Michael McKean

Directed by Woody Allen

Script: Woody Allen

Producer: Letty Aronson, Stephen Tenenbaum

Movie in English with subtitles in Latvian and Russian.

Distributor: Acme Film SIA
Director: Woody Allen
Cast: Larry David, Lyle Kanouse, Michael McKean, Clifford Lee Dickson, Yolonda Ross, Carolyn McCormick, Samantha Bee, Conleth Hill, Marcia DeBonis


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