Ask the Dust
Ask the Dust (2006)
Genres: Drama, romance
Under 12 not recommended Under 12 not recommended

Set in 1930s Los Angeles, this film revolves around the love affair that forms between Arturo Bandini (Colin Farrell) and Camilla Lopez (Salma Hayek). Arturo is a young ambitious second generation Italian American who dreams of becoming famous by writing the Great American Novel and marrying a beautiful blonde, while Camilla is a headstrong Mexican waitress who wishes to marry a white American, so she can replace her last name.

Based on the novel by John Fante.

Cast: Colin Farrell, Salma Hayek, Donald Sutherland, Eileen Atkins

Directed by Robert Towne

English language with latvian and russian subtitles.

Release Date: 07.07.2006
Length: 1h 57 min
Production company: Paramount Pictures International
Distributor: Acme Film SIA


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