Fearless (Huo Yuan Jia)

Fearless (Huo Yuan Jia)

1h 43min  |  Drama, Action  |  Release Date: 24.11.2006

Deeply humiliated by his father's death in a public duel, Huo Yuanjia resolves to become the best fighter he can be. But soon his incredible fighting skills cost him the lives of the people he loves most when his family are killed in a brutal revenge attack. Yuanjia flees but, just as he is ready to give up hope, he is saved by Granny Sun and her blind granddaughter. Guided by their simple kindness and generosity, Yuanjia finds a new way of life and discovers something truly worth fighting for.

Cast: Jet Li, Jon T. Benn, Collin Chou, Anthony De Longis, Masato Harada, Nathan Jones, Mike Leeder, Jean Claude Leuyer

Directed by Ronny Yu

Movie in Japanese, English, Chinese with subtitles in Latvian and Russian.

Distributor: Acme Film SIA


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