Premium cinema - LUX & ISENSE

LUX – premium comfort

Every seat on every row in the LUX audience has been expertly designed so you can relax and recline during your film. With luxury reclining seats that have at least three times more leg room than standard seats, what more could you want?

Every seat also features its own personal table, so you can graze or feast with new snacks and treats in comfort, allowing you to truly immerse yourself in the moment and escape into film.

The first LUX (number 3, 108 seats) is open and waiting for visitors.


ISENSE - Breathtakingly Real

ISENSE cinema is ODEON Cinemas Group comprehensive Premium Class creation (comparable to IMAX, Dolby Cinema, VueXtreme, Screen X and others), which includes 4k laser projectors, Dolby ATMOS sound system, Large format screens and an exceptional and unique design of the cinema. It all brings unforgettable emotions and experience to the audience.


ISENSE projekcija

ISENSE Dolby Atmos skaņa

ISENSE atmosfēra